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Regardless of whether the Skip Insignif WS options is set, XML:: Checker always keeps track of whether whitespace is insignificant.After making a call to XML:: Checker's Char handler, you can find out if it was insignificant whitespace by calling the is Insignif WS method.sub my_fail XML:: Checker keeps track of whether whitespace found in character data is significant or not.It is considered insignicant if it is found inside an element that has a ELEMENT rule that is not of type Mixed or of type ANY.I don't know how to correctly support the Default handler for all XML:: Parser releases.The Start handler works a little different (see below) and I added Attr, Init Dom Elem, Final Dom Elem, CDATA and Entity Ref handlers.See XML:: Parser for a description of the handlers that are not listed below.

This is only an alpha release...) XML:: Checker can be used in different ways to validate XML. Whenever XML:: Checker (or one of the packages that uses XML:: Checker) detects a potential error, the 'fail handler' is called.This should be called after all attributes are passed with Attr().It will check which of the #REQUIRED attributes were not specified and generate the appropriate error (159) for each one that is missing.You can define your own fail handler in two ways, locally and globally.Use a local variable to temporarily override the fail handler.It does not stop the XML:: Checker, so it will continue looking for other errors.

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