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The boy's life had just gotten even more difficult."That's enough!" Sarutobi yelled causing all attention to turn to him.Inside Yamato was pissed at being called abomination even though the insult wasn't directly sent at him it was still insulting.

His name was Hatake Kakashi or better known as the Copy nin."It's been a little over six years and I asked him to come back to become a ninja with the rest of his generation.""Wait do you mean that we are going to have to train some little brat? She did not want to train some green eared spoiled brat for the next year just because he had a hard life."Hehehe. Hell he will most likely be the one teaching you a few things." Jiraiya smiled at the now pissed off women. " He asked the final man, who still hasn't taken his cat mask off. " Hiruzen couldn't think of any reason for Yamato to not tell Anko about Naruto."You made the information an S-class secret so I was forbid to tell her." Yamato was beginning to get confused. He really didn't want to tell this story again but it seemed like he didn't have any other option."He means that Orochimaru used him for an experiment that caused Naruto to gain complete control of water." "WE HAVE TO KILL THE DEMON." A civilian council member yelled, the other Council members yelled out supporting him."Why should we kill him? "Now that he controls water and possible the Kyubi's chakra one day he could become one of the strongest Shinobi this world has ever seen." The Sandaime smiled at his Jonin commander for not seeing the boy as a demon."Exactly he could use the power to destroy all of us with it." A Civilian said."We cannot allow him to taint Konoha with the Orochimaru's or the Kyubi's power." Another Civilian spoke."He is an abomination with these abilities Orochimaru has given him we need to kill the demon before he learns to control it." Another Civilian yelled.Most of the Shinobi council looked over at the cat masked ANBU behind the Sandaime.It's about a new avatar that's a water tribe girl who is trying to find Aang and Katara's son who is an airbender apparently. The mesh seems to be somewhat transparent, since her body can be seen underneath. The Sandaime looked at the three Shinobi that stood at attention in front of him."There is no way that some spoiled little brat is going to be able to teach me anything, I'm a fucking Jonin for Kami's sake." Anko growled out."Spoiled? The Sandaime was the one who made it a secret, why did he think that he told Anko."At the Council meeting I did but you told her before that didn't you? "It all started about an hour after young Naruto and Jiraiya left..."xx Xxx(Flashback.)(Six years ago. " Hiruzen asked harshly as he sat at the head of the table with Yamato and Kakashi at his sides, who had just been called to act as his guards.

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