Ios progress bar not updating


The UIProgress View control is a handy way to allow users to see the progress of a long – running task, but it is not immediately obvious to many new i OS developers how to update the control without blocking on the main thread.In this blog, we’ll show a simple way to accomplish this. Our example has a very simple interface, with a single button labeled “Go” and a progress view: In View Controller.h, we’ve set an outlet to the progress view and an action to the button.This property and method have been wired to the appropriate controls in interface builder.

We are also getting separate reports that i Tunes users are unable to access i Cloud Music Library after updating to the new i Tunes 12.5.1.

Users are reporting mixed consequences after performing the restore with some saying that the device completed its update to i OS 10 whilst others report it could only update back to i OS 9.3.5.

This is likely a server issue as Apple handles the extreme load of everyone trying to update their devices all at once.

The ‘bricking’ issue with the i OS OTA update seems pretty widespread, affecting many readers.

It also hit 9to5Mac’s own Seth Weintraub who is currently sitting in front of a non-functional i Pad.

In this example, we simply count from one to ten, sleeping one second between each iteration of the loop.

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