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How he asked: It happened after a long day of work.

It was my turn to drive out to the farm, but of course I was being difficult and wanted to stay home to just chill but Zach was insistent that I come. When I got to the farm, Zach and I walked around the farm which is totally normal since it was so nice out plus I had just gotten Sullivan and we loved watching him romp.

However, after several seasons, loyal fans of the show are beginning to realize that certain members of the Roloff family need to practice acceptance themselves.

has been picked up by TLC and will air on November 22, which will most likely mean more drama and controversy for the family, as Matt Roloff continues to struggle with health issues, Amy Roloff begins dating, and Jacob Roloff continues to clash with the rest of the Roloff family on social media.

is back in the spotlight for controversial views that go against what the rest of the Roloff family believes.

It’s no secret that Jacob had fought with his family over religion and money in the past, starting in 2015 when the youngest Roloff turned 18.

Zach and Jeremy confront Amy about her dating life.

Tired of his living situation, Matt dreams up something big for the farm while Amy plans a birthday boat ride with friends.

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However, estrangement rumors have been swirling for quite a while, dating as far back as September 2015, when , and that he felt like he was owed money from appearing regularly on his family’s TLC reality TV series for four seasons, mainly on seasons two through six, from late 2006 to 2010, starting when he was only 9-years-old.As we walked out to the campfire (our usual destination) I kept stopping along the way.There was even one point I laid in the grass by the church and suggested we just stay there the rest of the night., Zach, 25, was challenged in deciding where to seat his parents for his wedding to new bride Tori (née Patton), 24.Ultimately, the Roloffs put aside their differences for Zach’s ceremony on the family farm in July in Helvetia, Oregon, as Zach confirmed.Sources connected to production tell us Jacob, like all minors on TLC programs, had his own bank account where his salary was regularly deposited during his 9 years on the show.

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