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If there's chemistry, you click yes at the end to indicate you'd like to take things further. Add "INCREDIBLE NETWORKING" to all your Groups and Events, for FREE!Well, OK, some of the comments were more like accusations: “Hey, that wasn’t me you referred to, was it?” But the point is, I was no longer attending those events in the first place. Even worse, as the new-writer’s muse learned, I wasn’t getting any new material for columns. Couldn’t I still keep this gig going — relying on past experiences, a fertile imagination and wit.

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At you get to see and chat with your date online for 5-minutes and figure out whether or not they are right for you.Not that Roberta was bad for other aspects of my fledgling writing career.We took some short trips together that turned into self-illustrated travel section stories at my daily newspaper.Curiously, they were all from women who lived in various other outlying places who liked the piece and identified with the sentiments.Several of these responders even wanted to meet me, as in dating. My next column, about the stigmas attached to being in one’s upper 40s or older and never having been married, elicited a smaller response but still drew a few women interested in meeting me.But there was a problem: I was starting to date Roberta. This remarkable new power I had unearthed, finding unseen female strangers suddenly interested in me via my columns, clearly wasn’t going to fly too well with Ro.

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