Jessica huan and louis koo dating Ferr sex dating

It was said that they are already nearing 6-7 months, there are also rumors of an engagement ! They are actually singers, i believe they are called ASOS. Other that Meteor Garden and MARS she was also in The Chinese Ghost Story.kko_lit I couldn't believe it myself! and it is true she did have a boyfriend, (Blue) and actually zaizai had a gf too. I'm pretty sure she is the girl one the left, and if i'm not mistaken on the right is her sister. Actually they are not together yet in real life but i think the possibility is HIGH!

Asking if she liked older men, Juliette admitted, The 23-year-old was then asked if she is currently in a relationship and gently shook her head in reply.

BONG (ADAM CHENG) and his brother LAP (GALLEN LO) joined the police force.

KIN (JULIAN CHEUNG), the boss of BONG, fell in to a love trainable with his friend HONG (LOUIS KOO) and YUNG (NADIA CHAN).

Although he meets HING (Chiu Ngar Chi), a woman who truly understands him, he can not easily marry her…CHI (JULIAN CHEUNG CHI LAM) ignore his mother YUNG (LUI SHAN)’s objection, insists to fall in love with a poor girl, HEI (CHARMAINE SHEH).

Then, CHI has to take up the shipping business from his father; can he overcome the difficulties occurred in his family and work?

Meanwhile, SHAN is threatened to join drug trafficking……Will MING and SHAN end up staying together after undergoing many twists and turns?

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