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During its initial 2013 run, the series averaged 453,000 viewers in the 18–49 ratings demographic, putting it above Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, E! The week of February 17, 2014, was reported to be the show's highest rated to date; the show had 731,000 total viewers, and it tied The Daily Show as the most-watched late-night program on cable in the 18–34 demographic.Frank Vizi is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring names Bull Pain, Rick Gantner and Psycho.It was syndicated internationally in Australia on SBS2 and The Comedy Channel, in the United Kingdom on Comedy Central Extra, and in Canada formerly on Much Music and later on The Comedy [email protected] received a nomination for Outstanding Interactive Program at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.The initial pilot for the show was called "Tweeter Dome" and was hosted by Tom Lennon.It was revamped with Chris Hardwick as host, and trialed in the summer before airing at The Meltdown Comics store backroom.

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So, when he asks her to prove her love by slitting her wrists, she obliges with only mild hesitation, perhaps because of her other all-consuming love: heroin.

At Bloodymania 2011, Bull teamed with Tracy Smothers in a losing effort against Necro Butcher and Mad Man Pondo, The Ring Rydas and Raven and Slim Goody. Following a run-in at Deuces Wild, Bull Pain made his Chikara in-ring debut at Passion and Persistence (April 20, 2008) at the New Alhambra Arena, teaming with Vin Gerard against The Colony (Fire Ant and Soldier Ant).

The unsolved death of six-year-old American beauty queen Jon Benet Ramsey remains the world's most sensational child murder case.

On Thursdays during the run-up to the 2016 presidential primaries, this round was alternately referred to as "Panderdome" and focused on the candidates' gaffes and antics.

Hardwick would read a question and the contestants would write down a response.

The responses would then be read back anonymously and the winner would be decided by one whose response generates the most laughter/applause from the studio audience.

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