Kajira for dating


The day i passed through my probation was the happiest day up to that point, Master.Since that time i have continued to learn, made mistakes along the way, been firmly corrected, but His needs changed gradually and romance and intimacy were never the mainstays of O/our relationship, Master.He was a Gorean Master and His sense of how things should be and what i was to be as His kajira was clear, yet there was so much more to learn, a need for flexibility as His needs would change over time and i soon learnt that it was impossible to learn a long list of rules as His needs and lifestyle were so different from my first Master, something that i could only learn through practice and His guidance, Master.i had erred in the early days through O/our Internet communications, feeling His dominance over me as i received my very first punishment, Master.

i had known from a young age that my beliefs about Men and women were somehow different to those in regular society, Master.In fact, my belief was that it was my duty to please and serve a Man, that my whole world had to revolve around His needs, His desires and His success, that it was my duty to ensure His happiness and His success, no matter how much i had to sacrifice, Master.After i read a fateful chapter, i yearned for the day when i could belong to a Man, to serve and please Him, though again, my awareness of the lifestyle did not yet exist, Master.i finally decided that to survive this that even though i had fallen, i had to pick myself up, despite my feelings of lack of trust and hurt, that i could not judge all men by the actions of others as no two people are the same, Master.i found myself doing the one thing that i never thought i would, signing up for a dating site online and within months was chatting with a man who seemed to fit my need: a strong, dominant man who could keep a woman in line, yet let her grow, Master.It was a hard introduction to my new Master as W/we had only met in person for the first time, but hardest of all was that fear of my first experiences with punishments, Master.

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