Korean women dating problems

I wonder whether such girls hiding their past careers as prostitutes are really just a few of Korean women. He bragged about his girlfriend living in Seoul the other day; she visits him every weekend, offering her body for his pleasure.He once showed me his picture with his girlfriend next to him in a motel room.I’ve got a yankee friend, and he told me a shocking story the other day.He said it’s not uncommon for him to pick up girls at night clubs and have sex with them.We already ‘lost our face’ due to Korean prostitutes abroad.I don’t care about those girls having fun, yet what I find disgusting is some of them will hide their past and marry to some rich, naïve push-overs. When you go up-town, there are many girls with foreign guys next to them. Few thoughtless girls are making Korean women into a joke.

Korean girls are not so conservative with Confucian mentality anymore.A Korean working at an English hagwon said ‘Since all they need is a bachelor’s degree to get a E-2 Visa, some of them are working here in an attempt to pay off their student loans, whilst dating Korean girls for a couple of years.’ Of course most foreigner teachers will end up finding the reality is quite different from that distorted information regarding dating Koreans.However, some of them with false impression about Korean women are constantly springing up such as with the guy who committed that hidden camera incident last week.As soon as we reported it, the police immediately launched an investigation and the school took action by firing him.In light of this incident, CBS’s Nocut News decided to carry out news coverage to retrace the distorted values and the reality of native language teachers who in majority are white men [Nocut News editor’s note].It’s horrible just to think of the possibility that one of those women might end up becoming my future wife.

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