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To name a few there are several giants amongst those enterprises that all are situated in just one city:1) Kazzinc is a major fully integrated zinc producer with considerable copper, precious metals and lead credits.The company was established in 1997 through the merger of Eastern Kazakhstan's three main non-ferrous metal companies - "Ust-Kamenogorsk Lead and Zinc Combinate", "Leninogorsk Polymetallic Combinate" and "Zyryanovsk Lead Combinate".The company continues to develop seeking to have its stable position amongst the world's five lowest cost zinc producers.Apart from zinc it produces on a large-scale lead, silver, copper, and a large number of more.3) Ulba metallurgical plant produces hi-tech uranium, beryllium and tantalum products for the needs of atomic engineering, electronics, metallurgical and additional spheres of operation.

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An increasing number of industrial waste requires a large area for the storage of waste.

It is a centre for the construction industry producing manufactured housing and ferroconcrete articles.

The post-war industrial history of the city is quite closely intertwined with the Soviet nuclear bomb project, and the city was therefore kept closed to outsiders.

Mostly the water is affected through the industrial wastes and the storages of waste.

Contamination of the water with lead, selenium, cadmium, nitrates spreads on a large number of km as a consequence of which a few drinking water intakes in the Western part of the city are closed or to be closed.

It was established according to the order of the Russian Emperor Peter the Great, who sent a military expedition headed by major Ivan Vasilievich Likharev in the search of Yarkenda gold.

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