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It was broadcast from 18 February to 15 March 2013 on free-to-air Media Corp Channel 8 and consists of 20 episodes. It also had 47,844 streams per episode, the highest average number of streams per episode on Media Corp's Catch-Up TV portal on Xinmsn. Xin Yi's dream comes true when she earns a transfer to the CID and assigned to the Serious Sexual Crimes Branch.The series stars from the first season, with new additions Li Nanxing, Rui En, Thomas Ong, Cavin Soh and Pierre Png as the main characters of the series. The series was also praised for the departure away from an idealised depiction of police officers and its realistic portrayal of the unseen struggles and obstacles police officers often face. She meets the resident medical examiner Dr Chow (Thomas Ong) and becomes torn between him and Yew Jia. Yew Jia is assigned a new partner Jimmy (Cavin Soh), a veteran policeman, and their friendship begins awkwardly when Jimmy accidentally mistook Yew Jia for a molester and "arrests" him.

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Kok Hung is grief-stricken when his fiancée is murdered and struggles to keep his emotions in check.Qi Yuwu (born 28 November 1976) is a Singapore-based Chinese actor.He is a Permanent Resident of Singapore and a contracted artiste under Mediacorp and Beijing Enlight Media Group.In Star Awards 2016, he took the all time favourite award with Rui En.He is also a 2-time Best Actor winner, having won in 20.Following that, Qi was cast in Dare To Strike, another Singapore-Hong Kong co-produced television series.

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