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The new lights, recently applied to the street lights are for Christmas.

Many cities throughout the UK always celebrate Christmas with street lights and banners, but they seem to get earlier and earlier every year.

Adult Industrial Softball League open to teams comprised of Piscataway residents 18 and older. Over ā€œ35ā€ Menā€™s Slo-Pitch league for residents over 35 as of January 1, 2017.

Thanks for correcting, "I wanted to say" that your day is nice, (enjoy the rest of the day). :-)Well, now tonight, where are you, I hope not too cold or so dark, and I see that there are only three hours of difference with the change of use of schedule, back in England. :-)Hi Patti, the only flashing lights here was the refuse collecting lorry, hope the Christmas lights are lit soon.

* Change the view by hitting the 'Control Now' button on the bottom right of the picture.* Once the button turns green and says "in control", click "Select preset" right beside it (grey box).* That will provide you with 6 different views of Telluride. that means someone else is controlling and your in queue to be next. Stay a while and check out the links below and see all that Telluride has to offer and how easy it is to plan and book your trip!

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The Development of IRC Out of the basic creation of MUD came the idea to create a chat room with immediate service.

The MUD servers that were once thriving are now often seen as being an 'old-fashioned' gaming system.

With the lights still on in some of the office and other buildings it throws a lot of light onto the streets which is very handy for people like us viewing the cameras. Temperature now down to single figures early mornings and late at night. Hello Mick, It's now 5.15pm in Cardiff, and it's almost dark by now, lights on. Well I think you can move easily in those places being smaller, if you go to Cardiff, enjoy me what time the sun rises in the morning? Well, I hope you do not have such a harsh winter, now with the climate changes everything is strange, sunny days in the middle of winter and in the summer cold days and rain.

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