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When you align yourself with emotionally unavailable people, you are limiting yourself by being with someone that has a limited capacity to emotionally engage, has a limited offering, and whose initial emotional persona is emotional persona or just literally switch over and whip the proverbial rug from under your feet.

Emotionally available people don’t keep running from true intimacy.

This is why, in particular, I get a lot of women mentioning the word ‘passion’ to me because in being involved with emotionally unavailable men, they’re used to getting bursts of sexual and emotional intensity that they think equates to passion.

What it equates to is that persons inability to go the distance.

Of course, in carrying a belief that people will leave, they tend to align themselves with people who leave and who are emotionally disconnected, or end up doing their utmost best to sabotage things so that they do realise the fear of abandonment and the self-fulfillinf prophecy is proved.

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Emotionally available people don’t lose themselves in relationships with emotionally people because it would feel too damn awkward for them.While we’re all prone to bullshitting ourselves from time to time, if I had a penny for every reader who told me how available they are, told me how much they want to change and then when presented with options of what they could do, dodged the bullet, I’d be loaded.Emotionally unavailable people either want to completely delude themselves or feed themselves honesty a chunk at a time.Emotionally available people love themselves and don’t spend copious amounts of energy talking negatively to themselves, wallowing in blame and shame, and lacking compassion and understanding.They act with love, care, trust, and respect to themselves hence making it easier to recognise when others Emotionally available people don’t keep looking for excuses to stay in their comfort zone because in being emotionally available, they’re intimate with the honesty of what they feel and experience.Emotionally available people don’t close off parts of themselves.

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