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As I’m nearing the big 3-0, I’ve noticed that the desire to understand who I am and what I am passionate about has become more significant than ever before and something I no longer can or want to ignore.As that desire grew, I felt that I needed to talk to people around me to ensure I wasn’t going crazy.They play a huge part in us being disconnected from our true selves and what we are passionate about.We are constantly pedalled to by the likes of Instagram and Facebook Because of this, I have found myself in a place where I feel slightly lost and I want to define what truly makes me happy.In this cast we discuss “The Gathering Crisis”, the live for likes, Face-tuning, blogging, networks, communities and how we feel social media has impacted our mental well being. Enjoy, B x the day had come for my class to learn about the human body.I appreciate at this point in the post you may have the impression that I was some young, eager intellect, let me assure you, this was not the sit on the spectrum of fitness, there is no wrong way or wrong time to start helping better your mind through fitness.The main reason I initially started to focus on my fitness was not because I wanted to win medals, it was solely to do with how it made me feel. As a person with anxiety, there is no better feeling than not pondering over the past or fretting over the future, being in t On a serious note, if you want to get into the real juicy detail around the science of how endorphins work get onto How Stuff Works and have a read or listen to the podcast, it’s super interesting and really showcases why our brains are so phenomenal.

If you experience this, don’t panic (no pun), this is an 24 hour after a particularly intense exercise sesh!Did you go to the gym, completely confuse yourself with the machines and feel totally out of place?Or did you hit up that Zumba class and hide embarrassed at the back feeling uncoordinated?This is not just situational but for the long term too!As such, I wanted to share some of my thoughts, experiences and tips to inform and guide you into something that will hopefully help you, like it helped me.I believe that flame is passion and no matter where you are in life that passion is what defines, differentiates and gives you purpose.

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