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Llano Grande: Growing up as a missionary child in Ecuador did a great interview with two Third Culture Kids that may interest other readers.

But with the internet you can even skype, so try keeping in touch. Good luck and remember –the joy of moving is you can, to a certain extent, re-invent yourself, not bound by the identity formed by peers if you stayed in one place. My little sister is now a TCK, whereas I am what you would call a “Second” Culture Kid.

It’s weird to think that she is experiencing such a different upbringing to me and I hope it doesn’t make us as emotionally distant as it does physically !

It makes us more human living in different cultures.

I was born in the middle east and moved to Europe at 5yrs. Now here is the strange part: When I am in America I don’t feel American, when I am in Europe (Switzerland and England) I don’t feel English or Swiss but American, and when I am in Egypt I don’t feel Egyptian yet I feel comfortable everywhere!

Although it is refreshing and mind opening to understand and adopt other cultures but having your own will strengthen one’s roots .

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I’ve gotten so used to saying goodbye to all my friends…to everyone…I don’t cry anymore.

Explore Denizen by reading personal essays, studies on relationships, interviews with successful Third Culture Kids, or the article that started it all.

This is even more problematic or confusing with a long term damaging effect for those who have been uprooted due to Genocide.

But when I would be back they would have some idea of who I was.

But you also realize that –especially when young–that you do change and your friends do, and many frienships just don’t rekindle because you’ve each grown differently without the proximity allowing both of you to internalize the changes.

I’m sad, yes, but if I really had to cry if have to force myself…does this mean that in letting go of too much too soon?

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