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If you have any problems with the channel moderation, please contact Xkeeper. Currently approved bots: If you break the rules, have a nasty attitude, or otherwise make yourself unwelcome in the channel, you may find yourself facing a ban.

Remember, our chatroom is privately run, and it's a privilege to be here, not a right.

All messages that sent via this private message window will be private between the both of you.

When using these chat rooms we ask everyone that they abide by the following rules.

Breaking these rules will result in you being warned.

Repeated or severe rule-breaking will get you ejected from the channel.

A ban on the IRC channel may not extend to the wiki, in which case you will still be free to edit TCRF, as long as you follow the wiki rules. That means that they will expire after a set time, and you will be able to participate in the chat again.

You can also join manually by using the information below.

Continue reading to learn more about how to connect and use this service.

At the end of the document you will find links to tutorials on how to use IRC.

To connect to our chat room you will need to configure your client with the following information: If you do not have a IRC client or prefer to not use one to connect to our chat rooms you can use our web based java client that will run from your browser window.

This client will run from a separate window that will popup when you click on the link below unless you have disabled Javascript in which case it will open in a normal sized window.

It is possible to connect to our chat room using a standard IRC client that you may have installed on your computer.

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