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The new website put MSN in direct competition with sites such as Yahoo! Because the new format opened up MSN's content to the world for free, the Internet service provider and subscription service was renamed MSN Internet Access at that time.

Other websites since divested by Microsoft include the travel website Expedia, the online magazine Slate, and the local event and city search website When new versions of providers will be developed you will get them through HTC Home 3 Update.We know about problems with providers, so, pleasedon't tell about themin support or forum or bugtracker.You'll notice there were some others with the same problem. Wait, one caveat, I'm having the problem with every browser I try. We are informing that due to the latest changes in HTC Home 3 additional weather providers are not working temporary. Additional providers will work after their developer will update them. Please, use MSN or Weather Channel weather providers to get weather, in the other cases you will see "Unsupported provider" message.MSN Search (now Bing), a dedicated search engine, launched in 1999.

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