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Here is a good article from a Marxist politician about the topic.(UPSC people love the slightly leftist version of everything)To know more about effect of Globalization on Indian Society, you need to know better about Indian Society.Here, in the following books, along with reading history of India, look for art and culture related topics and make a note of them.

Basic understanding comes from reading and re-reading.If one is thorough with current events questions on these sub-topics can be answered very well by consolidating their knowledge. Keep tab on all important events that take place related to this topic.You should also read about role of women from ancient to modern times (including freedom struggle, art and culture etc).Along with the above NCERT books, you should start reading NIOS Book on art and culture: You can download them here: Note that this topic wants you to cover important events from 1750s to Present. You should focus on all important events and contributions of personalities that are significant and have had important impact on nation till now.For this part of the syllabus, just rely on above mentioned NCERT books and current affairs. Looking at the kind of questions they are asking fro this part of the syllabus, your focus should be on understanding basic events from NCERT and keeping an eye on relevant current events.You should also read world history from NCERT books of class IX, X and XI (only modern world history part). Best alternative is a book by Arjun Dev – History of the World from the Late Nineteenth to the Early Twenty First Century You can go through this book – Old NCERT World History Class-X – if you are fond of old NCERT books.

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