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She will often look at you intently when you speak and look for chances to be with you.However, at this point the ball should be in your court.As a Christian man you should try to hold true to your religious values.If a man is looking for a good Christian woman, he needs to exemplify a good Christian man.Just because your Christian dating relationship has ended, it does not define you as unlovable. You cannot allow this to define who you are, how you feel, and what your life is worth.You need to put this one relationship behind you and go forward with something that has far more lasting value.Christian dating should be about getting to know each other and developing a true love for each other rather than rushing in to see what you can get out of the relationship.Since a good woman will probably not approach you if she is interested in a Christian relationship, you will have to be observant for her subtle clues.

You can know that you are loved because God’s Word tells you so and you trust in this truth by faith.As a Christian you can move forward with your relationship with Christ.When you put your trust in him you are welcomed into a global family of believers, a family with Christ as the head.With the obscurity of gender roles in today’s society it’s hard to know what is and is not appropriate in a relationship.Just keep in mind this Christian dating advice: God established love between a man and a woman.She will respect you more and your Christian dating relationship will be better if she knows you are waiting for her to move forward.

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