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It's ever-evolving and those images coexist with you.

It's easier to get to know someone by looking at someone's Pinterest board and Facebook page than by reading some words and being judged off your headshot." Dreamcliq users can browse profiles for free, but the site uses a "pay-per-cliq" model meaning you must pay .50 to "cliq," or message someone.

Melissa Jones, the creator of new dating website Dreamcliq, seems to think so.

Jones also believes interactions will be more meaningful on the site, since users know someone paid to message them."Plus with so many spammers on dating sites, people don't even know how to reply to all the hundreds of messages they get, so they don't end up responding and it ends up being a bummer on both sides." While popular dating sites like and OKCupid thrive off a standard profile model (with people even paying ghostwriters to make them sound as good as possible, as New York Magazine reported last year), Dream Cliq follows a wave of new dating ventures thinking outside the box.The tried-and-true method of clicking through photos and text is now up against more novel concepts like date-pitching site How About We, interest-matching site Tastebuds, or the app Tinder which makes matches based on nearby users.The platform offers up a grid of images, where users can pull any sort of photos to their profiles, from art to travel spots to social media photos with friends.Potential partners then browse and determine matches based off their image-heavy profiles.We enjoy providing a sociable atmosphere, welcoming guests whether they’re coming with friends, a loved one or alone.

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