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From 1976 through 1985, the FDA received reports of 355 fatalities associated with transfusion, 99 of which were excluded from further review because they were unrelated to transfusion or involved hepatitis or acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

While the FDA has not yet made a leukoreduction a requirement, ARC took a leading role in implementing this procedure with a goal of leukoreducing all blood products. Each year, the Red Cross invests more than million in research activities at the Holland Laboratory and in the field.

It cared for thousands of donor families who gave the gift of tissue donation and sold donated tissue to more than 1 million transplant recipients in need of this life saving or life-enhancing gift of tissue.ARC teaches around 12 million Americans these skills annually, ranging from youth to professional rescuers.ARC co-led the 2005 Guidelines for First Aid, which aims to provide up-to-date and peer-reviewed first aid training materials.At the end of January 2005, ARC ended its Tissue Services program in order to focus on its primary missions of Disaster Relief and Blood Services.A leader in the plasma industry, ARC provides more than one quarter of the nation's plasma products.Red Cross Plasma Services provides plasma products that are reliable, cost-effective and as safe as possible.

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