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O’Neal says that when they go to the movies, Alexander takes off running out the door. And while she prefers to stay in sleepy Sudbury, Alexander does make it into Boston.

She goes to every Celtics home game and can be seen at the TD Garden shouting for Shaq to get off the bench.

It’s difficult for either of them to stay serious when they’re anywhere near each other. She’ll charm you in a heartbeat, which may explain how she won two reality shows, VH1’s “Flavor of Love’’ and “I Love Money,’’ not to mention Shaq’s heart.

She’ll be able to offer plenty of good reality, between the glittery events she and Shaq attend, their suburban life in Sudbury, their penchant for playing games and just goofing around.

During a trip to Los Angeles, an acquaintance in the entertainment business asked her if she’d be interested in appearing on a dating reality show. The program wound up being “Flavor of Love,’’ the VH1 show that featured Flavor Flav, of the rap group Public Enemy, choosing among bachelorettes. After completing a number of tasks — including hot tubbing with Flav — Hoopz won the first season of the show, which earned her the rap star’s on-camera affection, and, in place of jewelry, a set of gold teeth.

Of course, that romance was just for television — there was no lasting connection — so Alexander went on to compete on VH1’s “I Love Money,’’ which included “Flavor of Love,’’ “Rock of Love,’’ and “I Love New York’’ and other reality show castoffs doing stunts to earn a 0,000 cash prize. She began appearing in magazines and did some pinup modeling — becoming Hoopz, the brand.

Alexander was visiting her photographer pal, Christopher “Yella’’ Hawkins, in St.

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Shaq was divorced at that point and was ready for a new relationship.Hoopz turned out to be incomparably witty, and compassionate.She’s a tomboy who managed to make turkey for his mom and three of his kids on Thanksgiving.SUDBURY — Shaquille O’Neal stood in his kitchen on a recent chilly afternoon debating finances with his girlfriend, Nikki “Hoopz’’ Alexander. Alexander is 5 feet 2 inches, making her about two feet shorter than her low-talking, tattooed boyfriend, the oldest active player in the NBA. Now Alexander is about to embark on her next entertainment project, a reality show that will have cameras following her life in the suburbs and her foray into the athletic-training business.They argued about whether certain bills had been paid. But despite her small stature, her presence is powerful. Hoopz wants to become a guru for women’s health and self-defense, and she’s already meeting with her production team and concocting episodes.When Shaq steps inside of it, he looks like an “Alice in Wonderland’’ character himself, a giant trying to squeeze into a shrinking room.

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