No dating sabbatical

Years spent on leaves of absence without pay normally carry no credit unless agreed to in writing when the leave is approved.

Your letter of appointment should include credits for earlier academic positions, as follows: For faculty, sabbaticals usually begin on either 1 July or 1 January.

Since no extra allocations of funds are available to implement the sabbatical policy, support of sabbaticals must be covered by regular departmental allocation.

Therefore, the department Chair's recommendation should include a statement about the proposed method of handling the normal duties of the faculty member on leave.

In all such cases, the faculty member shall be placed on another leave, with or without salary as appropriate.

The President may reestablish the balance of the sabbatical leave at the mutual convenience of the campus and the employee.

This document describes the policies on this campus regarding sabbatical or academic leaves.

If the period of sabbatical is not the normal academic year or the Fall or Spring semesters, the application must be submitted to the department Chair no later than six months prior to the beginning date of the proposed sabbatical leave.For librarians, they begin on the 1st of the anniversary month of your appointment. You must write to your Dean / Principal / University Librarian indicating your intent to take the leave and provide, to the extent described in the Collective Agreement, a ‘general statement’ of your planned activities.For faculty, the deadline is 15 months before the normal start of your sabbatical; for librarians, it’s 12 months.Faculty applying for sabbatical leave may, with prior approval, accept fellowships, grants-in-aid, or earned income to assist in accomplishing the purpose of their leave.Any such income during the leave period which is to accrue from non-State University sources for assisting in scholarly and research objectives, for relocation expenses, or to offset loss of certain State University benefits (such as health and retirement contributions) may be allowed if proper detailed justification is provided.As a leave of absence with pay constitutes a significant investment on the part of the University in the future career of the individual faculty member, it is granted to eligible faculty on the understanding that the faculty member has an explicit obligation to return to his or her position at the University for a minimum of one year.

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