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Throw in the fact that you're texting with someone you've never met, and you have a recipe for creating, very easily, the "idea" of the person you think you're meeting for dinner in a few days.And usually, in our minds, these people don’t have flaws.My experience finally proved to me everything that’s wrong with dating apps. I remember one woman I had a drink with that clearly curated photos from years prior and possibly used filters and angles to present herself in a better, more attractive light.She was by no means unattractive in person, but she didn't look like the woman she clearly wanted potential dates to she looked like. We are presenting ourselves to a stranger based on the five best pictures ever taken of us. But if you’re featuring a photo of you from 2007, chances are you’ve changed in the last eight years.Our anticipation and expectations build, and we put ourselves in this serendipitous, rom-com spirit that often leaves us disappointed.I’m someone who loves meeting women in real life, and I have no problem or fears doing so.

Make the connection, chat in the app, move over to texting and set the first date.

I figured, if technology could increase the range of my dating pool, then God bless technology.

The options for new dating apps seem to grow each week. There’s JSwipe aka Tinder for Jews, Hinge aka not as creepy as Tinder, Glimpse aka Tinder for Instagram, Happn aka Tinder for people within 5 feet of you and Loveflutter aka the sophisticated Tinder. When you search “dating apps” in the Apple Apps Store you yield 3,077 results. Opening one of these apps, it quickly becomes clear Las Vegas inspired the designers. A free moment at work and I grabbed my phone (sorry, boss.) It became so bad I actually developed a pain in my right thumb; what I call “carpal-tinder syndrome.” I found myself relying solely on dating apps to connect with someone.

She was attractive, but it was obvious she was using photos taken of her years earlier.

The date lasted one drink, and we went our separate ways.

Just because we have technology to find connections for us doesn't mean there aren't any in the real world waiting for us. My mother missed her original flight, gets on the next flight, sits next to my father and 29 years later, here I am today.

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