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It all started in the summer of 1973, when a group of engineers at the University of Southern California were trying to help a colleague scan an image for a research paper, according to an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers newsletter.

As they were looking for a photo, an employee walked into the lab with a copy of the November 1972 Playboy, which featured Pamela Rawlings on the cover.

She has promoted the idea that vaccines cause autism As a teenager Mc Carthy attended Mother Mc Auley Liberal Arts High School, whose school sweater she donned in the pages of Playboy, and was a cheerleader at both Brother Rice High School and St.

Laurence High School, In 1993 Playboy magazine offered Mc Carthy ,000 to pose for its October issue.

Her one major tip for lipstick application on flights was to instead of topping up the colour simply take it off and start again.Söderberg also became a rock star in computer programming circles, given that her image was used so frequently.She attended the Society for Imaging Science and Technology’s conference in 1997, where she signed autographs.But while Söderberg’s photo may have paved the way to new technology, not everyone has been thrilled with her ubiquity – from high school students dismayed that the image is used in classrooms to people in the computer science field who find it sexist.“Some view her as an important part of image-processing history, a key brick in the path that’s led researchers to the Internet, cameras, and smartphones of today,” Corinne Iozzio wrote in the Atlantic last year.She began her career in 1993 as a nude model for Playboy magazine and was later named their Playmate of the Year.

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