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My name is Alastair Windsor I am a surgeon at UCLH and ready and waiting to take your questions.

[Comment from Carol] I have small amounts of blood on the toilet paper and it's bright red.

The result is a new design language that, both minimalist and elegant, can be interpreted in a highly individual manner. Clarity, precision and minimalism run through the entire programme, which is not only modern and timeless but also sustainable and durable.

New interpretation of timeless geometry: The consistently rectangular design language of the Vero bathroom range from 2001 is one of the classics in the Duravit program. Shower Bath unites modern bathroom design and optimum use of space in one product.

Blood in your poo doesn’t necessarily mean there is something seriously wrong but people are often embarrassed talking about it.We know someone who isn’t – leading colorectal specialist surgeon Mr Alastair Windsor.Mr Windsor treats thousands of patients each year and hosted the first UCLH web chat, where you asked him questions about what blood in your poo could mean and what happens next in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Please click here if you wish to view the interactive web chat page.And now it's time for Vero Air: Thanks to today's technical options, Vero Air is a complete bathroom collection that combines the unmistakeable character of the original with a new level of precision and perfect proportions. As a shower, high-quality bathtub, seat and shelf, the new shower and bathtub combination unites several functions in one.Ergo: a major space advantage, even in small bathrooms, and a more creative scope when it comes to bathroom planning.B.1 offers comfortable functions, ease of use and a universal range of faucets for all standard applications: washing area, shower, bath and bidet. The B.2 faucets series provides an ideal form of expression for those bathroom users who appreciate clarity, reduction and simplicity.

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