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But there dosent seem to be a girl that exists on my continent who would give you a second look unless you were a 250lb 100% muscle, 6 pack bodybuilder with pecks and all or if you were a 150lb near annorexic twig. So how do i get a girl to see past my undesireable physique? Anyway, Because i grew up my entire school life being on the borderline of obese needless to say i got my fare share of being bullied.And i litteraly have 0 confidence around girls even after loosing weight, Im just so scared they will judge me because im still not skinny enough.And some girls in the past who i have been closed friends with and almost enterred a relationship with i pushed them away out of fear that they would put me down / humiliate me over my figure (I can't even explain how incredibily insecure i am about myself, I litteraly feel sick whenever i walk past a window or something and see myself in the reflection and just feel sad and want to go somewhere where im not in public), So yeah, I dont want a supermodel or anything, Hell, When youve been where I've been looks are probably the last thing you care about.All i want is a Nice, funny girl who i can be bestfriends with (Gay ik).Sometimes your pancreas just over shoots your insulin and you crash.And it's good to be able to recognize your symptoms.

I was just giving an example of how all people who are overweight are not all just lazy and unmotivated. I've been overweight for ever, it's something that is in my mind everyday.

And you can tell when you meet someone if they are really working out and working on their diet, or if they are just full of it!!!

I know for my self I won't date terribly out of shape, because I just cannot stand lazy people.

I know what you mean overweight people are singled out because being over weight is bad in some people eyes, but not all think like that you just got to keep messaging.

If I eat too many carbs I get a glucose spike then crash....

I gained a few from being unable to workout, not from sitting around eating crap and sleeping!

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