Passion dating site


The 2015 Editors Top Pick - Sexy Award recipient is

This ultimate hookup dating service has over 60 million profiles from the United States alone and over 5 million from Canada.

If you are looking for an intimate encounter then this popular Friend Finder Network service is a great place to start since they have so many active members.

Passion is free to search and view snippets of profiles.

And, since it doesn’t have annoying ads or banners flashing through the whole time (which is really nice), I didn’t mind paying the site’s fee to get access to everything they’ve got.The thing I liked most about the site (besides the women they chose for me – very compatible) was using the mobile app.I could head down to my favourite pub and watch the game while I checked my Passion Search inbox and insta-chatted with a woman.For a bunch of the sites I’ve reviewed lately, either the site’s profile creation was too quick and simplistic (which didn’t give the system enough information to make matchmaking an accurate science), or waaay too long and complicated (which made the whole process a tedious affair).Passion Search on the other had found that happy median where it took all the information necessary to get me matched with women with whom I was really compatible, and yet wasn’t drawn out and overly complicated.Over the past few reviews that were focused on online dating, the sites were either lacking in quality (like Zoosk), or just ridiculously terrible (like Find Your Face Mate).

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