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The meditation was so practical, it's not about a belief system or an identity, I don't talk too much about it with people, but it's kinda like how running is good for depression, meditation is like that.You can be any religion and get benefits from meditation.Listening to Vault I felt you were distilling all the things you've learned, some of the tracks made me think of simple concepts, kind of like reading a haiku rather than an epic poem. Buddhism, in particular, has been a great influence for me.Meditation, in general, is something I've been putting more time into, I struggle with depression and there was a period when I moved back to Portland from New York, I was living on my dad's couch, going through an existential period where I wondered what's the point of any of this.In good old-fashioned Southern ethics, I went to beat the producer's ass at his own Christmas party. The Accidental Drunken Hit Story The most bizarre stories lie in the irony of the music world.I grabbed him by the neck, took him outside and said, "I'm not going to sue you for what you did. A lot of times, songs that I meant to be funny or a joke have gone on to become popular.It was just a joke, but the next day, I played it for this A&R guy and eventually, Bowling For Soup recorded it as "Girl All the Bad Guys Want" and it became a big hit for them.For the most part, the entire song was exactly the same as when I first wrote it.

I didn't try to sue because I've been down the road of legal action and it's a dead end street and everyone loses and ends up paying way too much out of pocket.My hair metal band [South Gang] got a record deal and we landed in L. Dude wrote 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' and 'Livin' on a Prayer.'" We got together and it was a culture shock because I never had any experience with any songwriters as eccentric and flamboyant as Child.When we showed up, he had four servants getting drinks and watering the palm trees in the backyard. I had a lyric idea with "Love" in the title and he looked at me scathingly – here I was, this frumpy, overweight redneck with hair down to his ass -- and he said, "What do you know about love?They looked at her and said, "You're fine," but gave her a cortisone shot in her face for a zit that was about to come through.Few songs capture the final moments of a relationship with the bluntness that Butch Walker's "Here Comes the..." does.When we got together, one of the first things I threw out there was "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To." I told him, "Let's channel our inner Meat Loaf," and he went, "I've never heard Meat Loaf. " I had to go back and introduce him to the guy who made the longest song titles ever. The (Best) Lindsay Lohan Story (Ever) I somehow got talked into writing with Kara Dio Guardi, who wanted me to co-write and produce songs for a Lindsay Lohan record. "Embrace the weird" has always been my motto and I wanted to get outside my element and Lindsay Lohan was nowhere near my element.

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