Platform escapement clock dating Chatham whores

The customer promised to send me a picture of the dial to see if I could date it, as it was rather unusual.

My usual cynicism was shouted down by the triumph of hope over experience.

One of our regular customers had a dial which might have been from Benjamin Disraeli’s clock.

Now as you have already seen from the above paragraphs, I can be a little cynical about where things come from.

Still, it all got me thinking about nineteenth century politics.

If I timed things right I could have the dials from Gladstone and Disraeli’s clocks simultaneously perched on my workbench. Alas, the Disraeli dial turned out to be a little disappointing.

The Disraeli connection was because there exists a painting of the great man with the clock behind him.

From the tone of Mrs Mc Creedy’s voice I suspected father died not long after Gladstone. Only today someone brought in a clock, clearly a mass-produced product of the 1950s, which the customer alleged was a wedding present in 1923.

Quite why people labour under the misapprehension that all apprentices made “an apprentice piece” which will in some way be unique I do not know.

History had the most facts to learn so I would flunk History.

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