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Be sure to register for items in a range of prices so that people can choose gifts within their means.

Provide a mix of goods: Think traditional for older relatives, affordable and fun for college pals.

This will prevent you from signing up for the same items at different stores.

Once you pick your stores, you'll need to set up an appointment to register.

Then as the items on your checklist start to dwindle, add more.China is a catchall term often used to describe dinnerware and dishes.Formal, or fine, china is usually more expensive than casual china, is of a higher quality, and includes bone china and porcelain.To decide on what you need, talk about the style of home you'd both like, and divide and conquer categories (maybe he gets to choose electronics, while she gets to choose the bedding).And don't let Mom drag you around—in this case, she may not know best.When guests go to purchase gifts, they may find those things have been discontinued.

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