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Also includes Winders I cannot identify and would like help with, please!Genealogy site that covers Ansley, Annesley, Ainsley, Ainslie, Ensley, Antley, etc....genearlly of English descent, with some Scotland folks thrown in, to present day USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Ireland, England.

Main surnames are; Williams, Ducey, Chalcraft, Buschman, Cox, Ende, Etter, Goddard, Moore, Rider, Temples, Squire, Hassett, Hicks, and many others.

Zone Cousinage covers most of the early settlers of New France.

La Tour d'Auvergne is the name of my French royal family, orginally from the village of La Tour in Auvergne, dating from the early 10th century, it divided into several branches, including Counts of Auvergne, Dukes of Bouillon and Al'bert and Viscounts of Turenne. This site outlines four generations of the descendants of Ameilia HELPS and Thomas DOWSWELL who married in 1807 and had nine children.

Includes 8000 individuals and shows link to Scottish and English Kings. Assorted Leavell lines and Leavell/Lavell/Levell data from all over the US.

Other surnames given a separate webpage (or many)include Perkins, Tyner, Adkins, Beard, Staggs, Marshall, Goodwin, Lines, Lollar, Sailors, Sherrill, Osborne This is for any and all Zmmermans related in any way to Charles (Emma Wagner) Zimmerman he has twelve grandchildren all residing in or around ransomville,ny.

"Dutch's Place" gives a condensed descendent tree of each of the following families: SCHUPP, SCHULER, KRIEG, RAPP, KELLER, Mc GILLEM, and SWENSEN. More detailed family information is also available. genealogy research of the German baron "Alexander Richard Wilhelm von Meyer" family,old photographs,articles, Ahnentafel including names of Meyer,von Meyer, Fehst, Feest, Streit, Watson, Toal, Ives, Thorp, Upson, Thrall, Bissell, Fitch, Cone, Shailer, Welch, Whitmore, Roberts, Loomis A database of interconnected family trees going back to the beginning of New France and beyond.

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