Risk for online dating


Following the attack, Beckman has undergone several corrective surgeries. Ridley was also accused of murdering another woman and arrested.

While in jail, he committed suicide before he could have a trial.

Just last month, Ars Technica reported that wasn't encrypting users' login credentials -- leaving them vulnerable to snooping if users logged in to the site from a public network, for example.

And other dating sites have suffered actual data breaches -- including e Harmony, from which more than a million user passwords were stolen in 2012.

"Young apps often don't prioritize security and privacy," he said.

"Growth is everything in the start-up space -- and that can come at users' expense." Mayer is also concerned about the trend of using logins for other social networks in dating apps.

According to an article on betabeat.com, a woman is suing for million in damages after she was matched with a man who brutally attacked her.

Mary Kay Beckman, the woman who has filed the suit, said she was matched with Wade Ridley who hid in Beckman’s garage, stabbed her multiple times, and kicked her in the head.

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And the explosion of services in the market means that start-ups may not be putting users' privacy first.One scheme involved building up an online relationship with a victim before convincing the person to buy an expensive flower basket as a sign of commitment -- the fraudster then got a cut from the florist.Read more: Online dating’s age wars: Inside Tinder and e Harmony’s fight for our love lives Forget Tinder. That's the kind of information that might wreak some real havoc on a person's personal or professional life if publicly exposed.Still, users are handing it over, en masse, to a company that performs social experiments on them and shares their data with companies in the advertising industry.The sexual orientations and personal details of millions of Internet users may have been exposed in an alleged breach of a social networking site aimed at intimate encounters.

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