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I did not do well introducing Victor to everyone, but he wandered around and taking pictures that he knew I would treasure. MCALPIN, Daniel Solicitor died [Monumental Inscription 85/33] MCALPIN, James Hosier, dealer CP p2d Bankruptcy of John Hart and James Mc Alpin MCALPINE, Alfred Hillcrest Avenue See also Senator CN p20 Cumbria house builder sold and now trading as Centaur Mc CAULEYS MUSIC HALL Peter Street; demolished circa 1938 CN p5 CN p5 Mc CAWLEY, D Scotch Arms Hotel, Rickergate CD 1893-94 Ad p174 MCCLUNG, Samuel CJ p2d Botchergate clockmaker, S.He had come striding out his back screen door with a pair of leather gloves and said that we should use them to handle the feisty squirrel we had caught and that he advised release soon; “Wild creatures should live free.” Harriet Schwab was a frail beauty by then, perhaps 1947/48, but often at her window or door way checking on the local noise makers.

About 15 minutes later, when our teacher regained order and the room quiet, but my face still aflame, Johnny repeats the whole scenario. I set out this morning to share a great photo of Herman Martinson.

The picture and many more which I will share, was taken by my husband Victor.

Alma’s eight were all home for a reunion at Clear Lake Canada and the culminating event was open house at the Bingo Barn.

Ad CN p20 Bob makes quality and family business CN p69 Advert for new houses; John Roberts Gardens; Dalston Rd MACLEOD, George and Sons Castle Street Scotch tweeds CD 1893-94 Ad p60 MCLLMOYLE WAY CN p71 New Story development in Denton Holme to be named after Carlisle United footballer MCMILLAN, James Engraver, died [MI 68/1] ;in directories from 1829 - 1861; W.

Farish Handloom-weaver pp51, 65; 1851 census general engraver, aged 47, employing 1 man, home address 9 Grapes Lane, born Scotland 1837 John Kirkbride Northern Angler; 1855 ed opposite p81 plate of fish hooks engraved by Macmillan of Carlisle MACMILLAN, John 2 Finkle Street Furniture dealers CD 1893-94 Ad p102, established 1840 MCPHERSON, James English St 1810 Picture of Carlisle and Directory p136 Carver and gilder 1811 Jollies Directory pxvi Carver and guilder MACREADY THEATRE Blackfriars Street; built 1813-4; disused 185-; size about 20X16; photo of present day position Carlisle an illustrated history p79 CJ CJ CJ CJ p3 CJ p8 CN p3 CN p5 CN p6 CN p6 (illus showing a wall) CN p6 CN p14 CN p12 (illus) CJ p1 New Theatre; Mrs Jordan from the Theatres Royal at Drury Lane CJ p1 Advert for sale CP p2e Theatre opened under Mr Alexander; newly fitted up CP p3c William Macready plays at Theatre The Citizen p679 Description CN p14 Exhibition by Madame Tussaud CN p17 (illus) Plaque to mark theatre CN p4 Theatre closure is old, old story CN p10 (illus) Mac Readys CN p10 What did the hatters say to the bishop?

Naturally, my mind then flits to the Morgans and I picture Margie and her accomplished sons.

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