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Healthy coping includes things like talking with your friends, parents, or someone else who is close to you for support; taking time for yourself like going on walks or riding a bike because exercising can really help get those endorphins (the feel good hormone) going in your brain; and most importantly praying for strength and healing.

Bella and Edward also spend time together in ways before they are married that could lead down a risky moral path.

But beyond the surface, we need to be careful about the messages we take from Stephenie Meyer's books about dealing with love and life.

Sometimes, relationships like Bella and Edward's can be so intoxicating that you just can't get enough of each other, and like them you want to spend every possible moment together.

It is the reason why fewer consumers watch TV news, read newspapers or listen to the radio.

A simple study of successful media shows quite clearly that those placing a strong emphasis on quality, credible content, are doing a lot better than those going all out to shock and sensationalise.

To a certain point this is okay, but when does it become unhealthy?

Edward can be overbearing and extremely jealous of anyone being with Bella.

Huffington Post South Africa’s embarrassing publication of an outrageous and massively controversial blog from a fake author (now outed as one Marius Roodt who has subsequently resigned from his job) should be a warning to all news media about the dangers of using shock tactics to gain followers.

It is not in the least bit surprising that something like this has finally happened because far too many editors have sailed very close to the wind by buckling under pressure from their bosses to increase readers, viewers and listeners.

Huffington Post has learnt a tough lesson about modern journalism.

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