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VA loans for homes and farms were made available to GIs at low interest rates, and low or no down payment. It was the most far-reaching item of veterans legislation passed in the nation`s history.

Their favorite feature films have always been largely, if not totally, computer generated. They have never really needed to go to their friend’s house so they could study together. They have never seen the Bruins at Boston Garden, the Trailblazers at Memorial Coliseum, the Supersonics in Key Arena, or the Canucks at the Pacific Coliseum. Dayton, Ohio, has always been critical to international peace accords. Kevin Bacon has always maintained six degrees of separation in the cinematic universe. They may have been introduced to video games with a new Sony Play Station left in their cribs by their moms. A Wiki has always been a cooperative web application rather than a shuttle bus in Hawaii. The Canadian Football League Stallions have always sung Alouette in Montreal after bidding adieu to Baltimore. They have always been able to plug into USB ports 53. C., tour buses have never been able to drive in front of the White House. Being selected by Oprah’s Book Club has always read “success.” 56. In Britain, the boomer generation is known as "the bulge."How it got started. Most members of the armed forces came home en masse, numbering in the millions.

They could always get rid of their outdated toys on e Bay. The famous quote, "There`s no there there," uttered by Gertrude Stein about her birthplace, (a suburb of San Francisco), applies to most of America`s suburbs — seemingly isolated, cultureless, boring tracts of sameness. The Saturday movie matinee was only 35 cents on the West Coast.

Malls began to offer basic commodities, then became prime community meeting places, especially for the younger crowd.

Their TV screens keep getting smaller as their parents’ screens grow ever larger. Pay Pal has replaced a pen pal as a best friend on line. Rites of passage have more to do with having their own cell phone and Skype accounts than with getting a driver’s license and car. Interspersed throughout those new communities were "strip malls," businesses lined up in a row along roadsides, usually in common and architecturally uninspired buildings fronted by a large parking lot with little or no greenery.

Eventually, many isolated suburban tracts, numbering in thousands of homes, did become legal communities, albeit on a different model from traditional communities with a core downtown business center.

The I Love Lucy show was unique — the longest continuously running show in television history, which continues to air daily. They became known as "latchkey kids." Television became a surrogate parent.

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