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Here are some of the top Santa Monica attractions and activities.

The long, wide expanse of Santa Monica Beach is distinguished from other Southern California shorelines by the sheer extent of activities one can enjoy.

SURFING AND PADDLEBOARDING Bay St., just south of Hotel Casa del Mar is a popular surf spot because of easy accessibility, a sandy beach break and a spread out lineup (not too crowded).

Today, the open-air collection of rings and bars, and other properly retro equipment is as popular as ever.CAROUSEL A National Historic Landmark, the 1922 Looff Hippodrome Carousel is where Paul Newman worked in The Sting.ARCADE The Playland Arcade is packed with over 200 games and attractions in Santa Monica, from the classic to the contemporary.Whether you prefer name brands or global couture, you’ll find it here.But where Santa Monica shopping really shines is with independent boutiques that reflect the city’s casually sophisticated style.Stick around past sunset and you might just catch live local music to the sound of the nearby waves.

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