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So there was an opportunity to use the family office to start my small foundation and get support from people who were expert at giving money to good causes.

I inherited the money in the same year that I got married, so my husband and I set up the Ashden Trust together to support our interests and passions.

I take a peep through the staging at the crowd, and can feel a glow off them, 80,000 people watching and waiting.

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On Friday evening, as the final sparks from the Olympic rings fired off above us, my eyes welled with tears.

I felt full of pride and relief that our band of women had pulled off our part successfully.

But also sad that the magical adventure we had begun 10 weeks previously had come to an end.

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As Kenneth Branagh speaks the words “be not afeared” he could be speaking directly to me and the other 10,000 volunteers waiting to go on.

The weather was often appalling, but no one moaned – the camaraderie was incredible.

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