School policies on facility dating administration romantic dating sim


Pursuant to this policy and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the University will identify Responsible and Confidential Employees on a regular, ongoing basis, and notify these individuals of their obligations to report (or not report) potential violations.

Discriminatory conduct and harassment, as well as sexual misconduct and relationship violence, violates the dignity of individuals, impedes the realization of the University’s educational mission, and will not be tolerated.In addition to the above, in the case of off-campus Prohibited Conduct that did not occur in the context of a University program or activity, the University will consider the effects of such off-campus conduct when evaluating whether there is a hostile environment on campus and/or in an off-campus education program or activity.CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIPS: While not expressly prohibited, romantic and/or sexual relationships between faculty and students, staff and students or supervisors and subordinate employees are strongly discouraged.Such relationships have the potential for adverse consequences, including the filing of charges of sexual harassment.Given the fundamentally asymmetric nature of the relationship where one party has the power to give grades, thesis advice, evaluations, recommendations, promotions, salary increases or performance evaluations, the consensual nature of the relationship is inherently suspect.Gender-Based Harassment may include, but is not limited to, verbal or physical attacks, graphic or written statements, threats, or slurs.

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