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No part of the Wasteland could be complete without its share of nuclear sites.

The sites of atomic bombs, disposal sites, and quagmires of irridated goop all have one thing in common - extremely high levels of radiation.

No trip to the Commonwealth would be complete without touring Boston's iconic sights.

Of course, these days, the sights are a little less iconic and a little more dangerous.

The various subway tunnels, train yards, and other travel centers sit frozen in time, and many are hardly recognizable among the wreckage and ruin.

Despite this, many such places are still inhabited today - whether by settlers trying to survive, or hellish monsters crawling among the ruins.

If you can get past the mutated wildlife, sleeping under the stars still looks great.However, for the intrepid adventurer, even derelict hospitals brim with the promise of forgotten medical supplies.The Great War has done little to change the great outdoors.Ruined buildings and blown out structures are all that remain - but tenacious settlers and survivors have struggled to rebuild to make homes for themselves.Be wary, as not every structure still standing is safe from the worst of the Wasteland.However factories are also favored by raiders as bases of operations, or homes for some of the Wasteland's more deadlier residents.

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