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Bogle says, “One major national study found that the median number of total hookup partners college students had by senior year was 5.

Students believe it is MUCH higher than that, but that's not what the data is telling us.” Whether you want to push those numbers higher or not, amen to senior spring!

I mean, why did I think I had to commit in the first place?

Maybe because I was a girl and thought it was my role to care more than the guy?

I do think that the more time a student has spent in a college setting (or simply living life), the more conscious they'll be of what they might be getting themselves into.” Having become familiar with campus after a few years, a single girl is better able to gauge which guys are players, which guys are looking for something more serious, and at which parties and in which situations it is best to hook-up.

A senior girl has more perspective of the social scene and is able to keep her hooking up business more private.

I’ve spent all of college pining for a relationship, but I don’t think it’s what I really want or need at the moment if I’m being entirely honest with myself.

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Hooking Up: In a Relationship Senior Michelle Nguyen of the University of Pennsylvania has been in a relationship since the beginning of freshman year.Just when you think a guy is a player, he falls in love—and just when the prude loses control and hooks up, she discovers all she wants for the next 10 years is casual sex and NO emotional entanglements.I think it has less to do with one's gender and more to do with where their emotional compass is pointing (and yes, a lot of guys' point down and a lot of girls' point up, but you can't say that definitively! There is no way to say how guys and girls will act when so many factors, not necessarily initial expectations, play a role in developing a dynamic.If you don’t know him already, you probably know a guy who knows a guy who knows guy.And let’s face it, he’s fresh out of high school—you’ve got him whipped.Although women had this knowledge, many of them still hoped a hook up would turn into ‘something more’.” The more in touch a girl is with what she wants from a relationship, dating, or a hook-up, the more prone she is to distinguishing the expectations she has from them and able to approach entanglements with more ease.

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