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He managed the Tom's Hardware site for several years, and oversaw creation of the site that is now Tom's Guide.Barry is the spiritual father of TIP, having devoted three years to its development.And, the Wallet history log for a transaction is a joke.It lists a payment method update followed by a failed charge, and does this over and over. Long story short, a fraud alert stop was placed on the transaction.So, I went to Google and added a 16 GB Nexus 7 and a cover for the tablet to my cart. Wallet asked for a credit card, but it wouldn’t take the card for one-time use.

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I quickly discovered that, at least right now, the only way to pre-order a Nexus 7 is through Google and that seems to mean Wallet, and only Wallet.No matter what I did after that, Wallet appeared to do nothing. Then, like a crazed and frustrated monkey, I deleted first one and then the other card, trying everything I could to get Wallet and my bank or Am Ex to play nice. And, what’s really annoying, Wallet has very few ways you can do anything.So, I added my one-and-only other card, an American Express card with a very nice credit line that I rarely use and always pay off at the end of the month. So, I endlessly bounced back and forth between the meager menu items, not believing what was happening, which, essentially, was nothing but one rejection of the charge after another.Barry spent many a happy year as in IT pro in finance, insurance, health and education.Also, he has written for a number of IT publications and published a number of IT related books.It may be in the system and it may be a reputation issue among financial institutions.

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