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These themes were analysed with regards to their subthemes, their relationship with each other and to the offending behaviour.

Offender characteristics differed between the thematic groups.

Six percent in each sample reported that they had used CP as a substitute for contact offending.

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The six functions originally identified by Taylor and Quayle guided other research projects (e.g., Caple, 2008; Sheldon & Howitt, 2007; Surjadi, Bullens, van Horn, & Bogaerts, 2010), and additional motivations have been identified (see Table 1).One of the most prevalent questions in the work with child pornography offenders (CPOs) is the assessment of risk, predominantly their proclivity to cross-over to contact sex offending (Webb, Craissati, & Keen, 2007).To date, it appears that only a subgroup of CPOs will continue to engage in contact sex offending; in the most recent meta-analysis including a combined sample of 2,630 online offenders, Seto, Hanson, and Babchishin (2011) reported that 3.4% of online offenders were found to reoffend with another CP offence, while only 2% reoffended with a contact sex offence.Finally, participants were asked for their immediate thoughts to a question that was purposefully kept simple, which was intended to reduce cognitive efforts and thus attempts for impression management.This study was integrated into a larger project aimed to compare CPOs, contact child sex offenders, and offenders with both offence types in areas identified as critical for an assessment of risk.In addition, "pure" child pornography offenders were more likely than offenders with contact victims to provide more than one explanation for their behaviour.

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