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Now, Ms Rezai and her five children have been living in what can only be described as squalor in the overcrowded Jakarta Immigration Detention Centre.A facility built for 80 now houses almost four times that many.Ms Rezai thought he was in Brisbane, but did not know for sure.His documents, shown to ABC News, indicated he was in Toowoomba.The families with tiny cell-like rooms are the lucky ones. Habiba Nazari, 38, also from Afghanistan, sat in a room with her six children.

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Massage services are similar to those you can get in Orchardz properties.

Regarding short-time and girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta, as I mentioned in my Jakarta Hotel Guide, almost all of them are guest-friendly.

The only exceptions are family-run guest-houses with shariah rules.

The Indonesian Government itself has no programs in place to help them.

Funding at the detention centre in Jakarta comes from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), which provides about per day per person for food.

Downstairs, immigration violators — mainly from Nigeria — lie wherever they can find a spot, caged in with barely any room to move.

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