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I was use to the “picture perfect” lifestyle with my ideal house and ideal lifestyle. I felt like the life I created for my kids was gone. We become afraid of what life looks like if we make a big change rather it be a job, a new relationship, living in a new location, or walking away from a situation. When all of a sudden it was like everything was swept out from underneath me. It was during that time of complete brokenness that a counselor told me it’s time to create a new normal. Sometimes we resist change thinking that there’s not a better side of life. Do you just wait for the ball to drop with each and every date?The thing about dating is we’ve all had our heart broken.You can’t have a successful relationship without committing to the process. I have people come to me wanting to use my services but they can’t even commit to a consultation call! I can immediately see why it’s not working for them. You have to become committed to the process in whatever you want in life. You have to become committed to becoming the best version of yourself, identifying what isn’t...You can’t half ass the relationship and expect great results. They don’t make the commitment to make the call time work with their schedule, they don’t show up for the call, the don’t show up to do the work. They wonder why they aren’t finding high quality commitment minded dates. They wonder why they keep falling into the same dating patterns with no success. Sep 7, 2017 | Blog, Uncategorized You’ve been hurt, your heart has been broken way too many times to count, and you’re stuck wondering are all men like this?It also opens up your body physically and increases flexibility.

An impromptu meeting in the car, the beach, or the lake. Just make sure that there’s no one getting a peep show! Jul 20, 2017 | Blog, Uncategorized Are you experiencing a change in your life? The emotional roller coaster of change can be scary. But what lies on the other side of that change can be beyond our wildest dreams. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down.

How do we not know what our future holds if we don’t let go of what no longer is serving us? How do you know that side you are used to is better than the one to come?

” Rumi When going through my divorce I had to learn to embrace change.

GL Single White Male Looking For Fun Tonight w x (Denver/Scarlet Ranch) x Hey I'm looking Hey I'm looking for a girlfriend minus the girlfriend part lol I want a girl to come with me like mostly every weekend on dates (go out and eat watch -I can pick you up) you won't have to pay for anything or do anything sexual I have like x friends because in all honesty I love to be alone except when it comes to hanging out, since I'm always at work me some piks of you and we'll see if there's a connection :) anyways have an awesome night :) Haines free sex dating chat room Some Pleasure?

Be respectful and I will be discrete Loves older men and men x zero x six x one x one x six Storyteller -- I'm Listening This seems like an unlikely place to search, but sometimes beautiful things grow in low light.

Of course you’ll have the everyday routine way of doing things but that doesn’t mean you have to lose all fun and games.

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