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You’re starting your second full semester as executive director of RVAP. And what professionally and personally attracted you to this role?

I feel incredibly blessed to work alongside the talented and passionate professionals at RVAP.

We’ve also added three new part-time advocates to the ISAH: Anahi Aragon, Clara Keum, and Evandal Strowder.

All three bring important energy and perspective to our team while allowing us to more effectively staff this important 24-hour service.

I’m humbled to be able to continue that learning here at RVAP.RVAP is also home to the 24-hour statewide Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline (ISAH).Robinson spoke with about how RVAP is continuing to expand its services for survivors of sexual violence and how we all can be part of the solution.Additionally, in the past few months we hired a number of new staff in our Iowa City office as well as our rural offices.We now have a rural child advocate, Carmalitta Baum, and a rural sexual assault response team coordinator, Bree Blaess.Prior to joining RVAP, I had the privilege of spending the previous nine years of my career working at the Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center in the Chicagoland area.

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