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Daysha was in ninth grade, and had just moved back to Hilo after going through some ugly experiences at the hands of her peers on Kaua'i.She was aching from upheaval within her own family, and she seemed to be missing something, or craving something, Cassie said."All my life, 17 years, I did not have any idea who he was and what he did for a living. I wanted to meet up with him and ask him all these questions I had inside.But I knew nothing about him, and didn't know how I'd find him," she wrote.She wished her relationship with Jeffrey Boyd Santos Jr.

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"I think someone needs a lot of help, and it ain't me," she wrote. He's like a changing chameleon, like a vampire, it's horrifying, and I don't want my son around it.

Donna Weber cradles the ashes of her 21-year-old daughter, Daysha, who was shot dead by Jeffrey Santos Jr. He’s now serving a 100-year prison sentence, one of the longest minimum terms imposed in Hawai‘i for second-degree murder. 1, 2006, Daysha was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Boyd Santos Jr., a man she had lived with and loved, and the father of her only child. This is her story as told by her journals, her family and her friends. Even in her journals, writing for herself, Daysha Iwalani Aiona-Aka was often guarded in the way she described what was wrong with her relationship with her boyfriend.

She wrote about making a better life for herself and their baby son.

It's been five years and all this abusing hasn't stopped.

Not even when I was pregnant, not even when he was in anger management class ...

I've got to say that he hits me like every other day.

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