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Along the way, there were also difficult romantic entanglements and some cocaine use, a period of her life she sometimes refers to as the “bleak years.” But it wasn’t all bad.

Ronstadt’s voice than they previously believed, began digging up her older tunes and issuing them as compilation albums, one of which appeared in early 1974 under the title, hit No.

Another song from – the follow-up single, “When Will I Be Loved” – a 1960 Everly Brothers hit, was also a big Ronstadt hit. A review of the song at by Denise Sullivan notes, in part: “…There was no disputing her vocal prowess, but Ronstadt’s choice in repertoire was equally important to her success, as she continually picked heartbreakers and tearjerkers like ‘When Will I Be Loved.’ Oddly, there wasn’t a shred of inauthenticity in the sung sentiments, even though Ronstadt was considered to be a hugely popular singer and sex symbol with an active personal life.

In May 1975, her uptempo version of this song hit No. Yet, she gave the song its definitive reading, even more so than the Everly Brothers…” chart and sold over a million copies.

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in office, Brown pushed a landmark farm labor law and new environmental initiatives.

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