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We must be pro-active and not defensive, and influence consumer preferences for British dairy products.

Fortunately, there are plans afoot for a major promotional campaign for dairy.

Some need to learn from their peers and VERY quickly!

While I might have a very different view to Old Mill and The Farm Consultancy Groups budgeted 2018 average milk price of 29ppl I have to agree with its plea for dairy farmers to continue to focus on making their business more efficient. In the past couple of months anti-dairy groups have ramped up their publicity and propaganda, especially the vegan fanatics.

However the reality is that the campaign goes back to AHDBs strategic decision last year to do more promotional activity with Dairy UK / The Dairy Council and it has taken this long to get something sorted.

Quite why it has taken this long is another matter.

For those who appeal they need to be confident their inclusion in the 5% is temporary, and it doesnt happen again in 12 months time.

I accept it is possible the odd farmer will successfully appeal on temporary grounds, which were beyond their control.

Its down to our industry to do likewise and you all have a duty to demonstrate how proud you are of the part you play and to ensure the handful of irresponsible farmers who ignore the rules and run the gauntlet of bringing UK dairy farming into disrepute are ousted or kicked into line. Errors on really good farms are inevitably made and have been jumped upon by the antis.Those who exit will then need to meet Arla, Muller and Red Tractor standards or face being forced to leave the industry.The remainder need to digest their weaknesses and aim to up their game and improve their rating in a years time, especially those in the 6% to 20% relegation zone.QVIS basically drives efficiency and is a scoring mechanism, which indicates whether a farm is operating to a satisfactory standard as per the retailers Code of Practice.At the time I commented it would result in opportunities for the best performing farmers and casualties in terms of the loss of their TSDG contract for the worst performers as Tesco keep the best and shed the worst.At the same time, they will waiting like vultures for the first opportunity (or excuse) to cut farm gate milk prices.

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