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A man stabs a picture of a kitten using a switchblade. A man says that he cut two penises off -- one thin as a pencil and one short and "girthy." A woman dares another woman to shoot and kill a man who cut off two penises, saying, "What does the brain of a man look like when it explodes?

A man says that his mother and his grandmother both stabbed him in the past.A strip club is called Happy Party Vixens, but its neon sign is HPV (also an acronym for human papillomavirus) and the V is formed by a woman's bare legs. - A woman shoots a man twice and we see blood spurt as he dies; she then hits another woman in the face with the gun and we see blood on her chest and mouth as she crashes into and shatters a glass coffee table; she shouts, "You broke my nose!" and the woman with the gun shoots the fallen woman and we see more blood on her chest and mouth.Two men use two large handguns with silencers to shoot up an illegal drug lab, performing backflips while shooting and kicking several men out of the way in slow motion as men in the lab pull handguns and fire back (many falling when hit, presumably dead, but no blood is evident); a man kneels before the two gunmen and screams, begging for his life until one man shoots and kills him off-screen (we see the body fall to the floor, its back to the camera and no blood showing).A man drives a car erratically with another man in the back seat, pointing a handgun at the driver's head; the windshield falls out after the gunman shoots it three times, a kitten jumps out onto the hood and then launches itself into the gunman's face, knocking him out and the car hits a low brick wall, throwing bricks and crumpling the nose of the car (the backseat gunman gets out and the driver limps out with a bloody face).A police officer arrests five men and she is struck in the shoulder by gunfire and blood spurts and two men pick up guns and shoot at drug dealers until one of the men is shot in the hand and the other in the thigh as we see blood flow.

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